The character villages

About twenty Ardèche villages are currently classified as «Village of character».

The closest to us, not to be missed, are: Vogüé, Balazuc, Labeaume, and Alba la Romaine.

Vogüé: A small village of about 1,000 inhabitants, Vogüé is made up of small houses close together, with imposing cliffs in the foothills. You walk through stone coves, typical of the old Ardèche villages; rue des Puces, ranked 1st in the title of » the narrowest street in France». Visit Vogüé Castle, which is beautifully renovated, and its hanging gardens with breathtaking views … With access to the Ardèche River, directly at the foot of the village, you can enjoy swimming, family picnics and canoe trips.

This village is also classified «One of the most beautiful villages in France».

The small plus: The green way from less than 800m from the village.

Balazuc: Built on the cliffs and overlooking the river Ardèche, at less than 400m altitude, this medieval village, former stronghold of the «lords of Balazuc», is simply an architectural marvel. Mazes of winding streets, stone staircases, arched passages, a village to discover on foot. Young and old alike are delighted to switch to the Middle Ages for a visit, and to marvel at its castle and fortified Romanesque church.

This village is also classified «One of the most beautiful villages in France».

The little plus: its Musée de l’Ardèche – Fossils and dinosaurs
Labeaume: Straddling the cliffs once built of cave caves, and at the foot of the river La Beaume, you discover this typical village with its long, narrow and winding calades like a real labyrinth that unfolds in amphitheatre. Young and old are happy to stroll through its alleys, discover the remains of the castles, as well as cross its submersible bridge (during heavy floods) to admire Labeaume by taking a step back. You can enjoy the river La Beaume at the foot of the village, on hot days, to swim or simply picnic on a beach of sand and pebbles.

From April to the end of September, guided tours of the village and hanging gardens are organized

The small plus: its hanging gardens.

Alba la Romaine: Gallo-Roman city of 2000 years old, established at the foot of the Massif du Coiron, and surrounded by vineyards, this village will satisfy young and old with happiness by strolling in these beautiful alleys and admiring its Black and white houses made of limestone and basalt. You visit the castle of Alba la Romaine which is not completely renovated, and for lovers of Gallo-Roman stories, less than 10 minutes walk from the village, you flip out of time into the magnificent archaeological site with its theatre as the most beautiful vestige.

The small plus: Archaeological Museum: MuséAl.

Young and old alike discover these wonderful atypical villages as well as magnificent architectural treasures, thanks to the treasure hunts offered by some municipalities, available at the tourist office.

Find an exhaustive list of villages classified «Character village» on the ADT website.