Terms of Sales

1- The rates published by SARL JMS Loisirs have no contractual value and may be modified without notice. The contractual price is firm and fixed at the time of the Customer’s reservation.

2- All rentals are nominative and cannot, under any circumstances, be assigned or sublet.

3- The rental of your pitch or accommodation only becomes effective with our agreement, and after receipt of the rental contract accompanied by DEPOSIT paid within 7 days in the form of a money order, holiday voucher, bank check payable to SARL JMS LOISIRS, or bank card.

4- In the event of no-show on the day of the scheduled arrival and without a message from the camper or resident, the accommodation will be returned to the rental within 48 hours.

5- The final location will be determined by the campsite on the day of arrival. The assigned numbers may be changed for reasons beyond our control. It will be the same for accommodation or in case of force majeure, you will be assigned, as far as possible, a similar rental at the same price.

6- In the event of withdrawal or cancellation of your stay, you will be invoiced for processing fees for an amount of 20 euros and we will retain you as compensation for breach of contract the amount equal to your deposit of 30% of the amount of your stay.

7- The day of arrival can never be changed at the last minute and no reduction will be applied. Arrivals, except with the agreement of the management, are between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

8- An optional cancellation insurance (MIMAT) can be carried out as an option for 5% of the amount of the stay.

9- All campers are required to comply with the provisions of the campsite’s internal regulations

10- It is up to the camper or tenant to take out insurance in the event of theft, fire, bad weather, etc. And in the event of an incident relating to the civil liability of the camper.

11- Security deposit: for rental accommodation a security deposit of 230 Euros will be requested at the start of your stay at the time of your payment. It will be returned to you on your departure after inventory of the equipment, inventory of fixtures.

12- It is up to you to do this on your arrival and to notify us of any missing or damaged items.

13- In case of breakage you must replace the identical object or if there are several, the entire series to avoid having mismatched objects. This is if you do not want the deposit to be withheld in full.

14- In case of damage you will have to pay the repair bill if you do not want it to be retained in its entirety.

15- If the repair bill is greater than the deposit, you will have to pay the damage in full.

16- On the day of your departure, the camping pitch must be vacated before 12 noon at the latest and the rental before 10 am.

17- For any late departure, an additional night will be charged.

18- Payment of the camping fee is made on arrival.

19- For the rental in the event of unsanitary housing or without cleaning carried out, a flat rate of 70 Euros will be retained or invoiced.

20- Animals are accepted with respect for hygiene rules and also respect for other residents of the campsite. They must be kept on a leash and you must have an up-to-date vaccination record in your possession. Animals must not be locked up in rentals in the absence of their owner.

21- Departures are made for the rental between 8 am and 10 am and in no case at night or in the morning before 8 am. It is possible to leave the day before before 8 p.m. in agreement with the management

22- All visitors must report to reception to state their identity and pay a fee of €5/person. Any visitor found to be in breach of your pitch and not presented at reception will be excluded from the campsite and billed directly on the stay sheet of the person hosting them. We remind you that visitors do not have access to the swimming pool enclosure and that any incident noted concerning it will generate its responsibility as well as that of the customer affiliated with it.

23- It is strictly forbidden to connect to the sockets of mobile homes or camping terminals for recharging electric vehicles, given the overheating of the lines, the risk of fire and the imbalance of the phases. For anyone caught in the act, a payment of €60 must be made. Electrical terminals provided for this purpose are available in the campsite car park.